Pear Portraits

Pear Portrait Series


I picture an old studio where the pears come to get their portraits painted.  Or perhaps an old Sears photo studio with the fuzzy cloth over a box, where families gather in their Sunday best.  These pears have a story and they are loved.


Patiently pear portrait

Occasionally a portrait takes longer than the subject can manage to sit.  But if the artist can wait patiently, the right pose can present itself at the exact right time.



First sitting: he was busy brooding in his study with the humidor on his desk and a slight leather smell from the worn furniture.  Darcy felt misunderstood.  He has been bruised by life but his rough exterior hides the sweetness within.


Second sitting: After letting himself go for too long, Darcy shaped up and re-hydrated on a much needed vacation.  He is looking forward to the future and no longer brooding.



These two have been friends since before the harvest.  They balance each other - one easy going and extroverted, the other glows with creativity and a bit of shyness.  They are happy to take as long as needed for their portrait so that they can have time to catch up.



Introducing this brave little pear who came to get her portrait done.  She sat so still it was like she just appeared out of my head.

Pear Portrait Series

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed these glimpses of the lives behind the portraits.